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Brian Klepper is a health care analyst, commentator and a Principal in Worksite Health Advisors.

Why High Performance Health Care Remains Elusive

By Brian Klepper Published 3/31/16 in Employee Benefits Advisor Do you know about a high-value healthcare program that wildly exceeded your expectations by delivering provably better health outcomes at dramatically lower cost? If so, I want to know about it. High … Continue reading

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A Personal History of the Weiss Family

January 10, 2016 A couple weeks ago my cousin Craig Blattner sent me a family newsletter from 1987 that featured this long family memoir, written by my Mother, Doris Klepper, who as you’ll see is a wonderfully expressive and succinct … Continue reading

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The Goose and the Elephant

By BRIAN KLEPPER Published 10/11/15 on The Health Care Blog America’s drug and biotech industries are no doubt alarmed by the national firestorm that erupted when Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price 55 times of its 62 year old lifesaving drug, … Continue reading

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The Case for High Performance Health Care

Brian Klepper Posted 9/25/15 on The Employee Benefit News Blog Note to would-be health care reformers: don’t bother trying to drive change through policy, because you’re vastly outgunned. The industry you would reform owns Congress and the legislatures. Nearly every … Continue reading

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Will Specialty Drug Pricing Be The Straw?

Published 5/27/15 in Employee Benefit News Over the next few years, drug manufacturers will release a host of new drugs that are more complex and, in many cases, more effective than we’ve had access to in the past. There will … Continue reading

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Elaine Waples-Klepper (September 3, 1946 – November 22, 2014)

Three weeks ago today, my precious wife Elaine finally succumbed to a long, protracted battle with  cancer. Below is her obituary.  I’ll also re-run several wonderful health care articles that she wrote over the past few years. Elaine Waples-Klepper was … Continue reading

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Will Employers Favor Private Exchanges Over Coverage Sponsorship?

Brian Klepper Posted 10/17/14 on The Health Affairs Blog Over the past couple years, health care exchanges probably have consumed more of corporate benefits managers’ time and psychic energy than any other topic. An outstanding question is whether the rank and … Continue reading

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