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When Employers Get Serious About Managing Health Care Risk

Brian Klepper Posted 4/07/13 on Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog Last week I visited with Gary Rost, an unassumingly knowledgeable man and the Executive Director of the Savannah Business Group (SBG), arguably one of the most effective health care coalitions in the … Continue reading

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Cancer Survivor on N-of-One’s Direct-to-Patient Ombudsman Model

Kevin Davies Posted 5/31/12 on Bio-IT World The long-term success of N-of-One, a Waltham Mass.-based company offering personalized cancer information, will undoubtedly be shaped by the vision of its newly appointed CEO, Christine Cournoyer, and strategic partnerships with companies like Foundation Medicine, … Continue reading

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Marcus Welby, House and the Wizard of Oz

Elaine Waples At a recent dinner party my husband and I joined two other couples in a lively discussion on the frustrations of American health care. We rounded up the usual suspects – cost, quality, access, politics, and broken systems. … Continue reading

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The Myth of Health Care Consumerism

BRIAN KLEPPER First published on THCB. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, most people surveyed say they absolutely won’t use the Web to investigate a health condition and then change their behaviors accordingly. But they will do something their sister-in-law tells … Continue reading

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