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Brian Klepper

904.395.5530(o), 904.343.2921(c)

Skype: bklepper

1 Response to Contact

  1. Sarah Kraft says:

    I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to look you up on Facebook. I must say you look mahvelous…is there a painting in the attic that is all funky and decrepit? And where do I sign up to be a friend?
    I’m probably traveling through your neck of the woods in the coming days or weeks or months – could a senior citizen type reunion be possible? My baby is about to go off to college somewhere…and will be eighteen next month??!! You know all about that phase of development, right? I need a good talking to about life after my favorite job is no longer available on a daily basis…although the pay SUX, being Jenna’s Mama has been my alltime favorite job in the universe. Soon she’ll be off somewhere having fun without me, and I’m moving to
    a) anywhere but here OR
    b) anywhere but where she moves to go to school
    But enough about me…I was so happy to read Elaine’s recent entry about the WALK in pink tutus. Can we talk about when and where others might don their tutus and join in celebrating?
    I don’t know how to twitter and stuff of that ilk…I like to chat the old timey way – on a phone or dare I say it, in person over multi cups of coffee, so you can see someone’s eyes laughing.
    Hope y’all are doing well. All things considered…I love my life, and would love to learn how you and your dear ones are doing.
    Your OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD friend,
    Sarah Kraft

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