Recent/Upcoming Presentations

Sample Presentations

Here are several presentations that reflect what I talk about and how I go about it.

Here’s one entitled, Why Health Care Will Change. Variants of this talk have been delivered to employer conferences in Portland (OR), Phoenix, Orlando, Dallas and Atlanta.

Here’s one about the RUC that was delivered to the Medical Home Summit in Philadelphia in March 2012.

Schedule: Recent and Upcoming Presentations

12/10/14, Keynote, Putting Population Health In Context, Population Health Alliance Forum, Scottsdale, AZ

11/10/14, Keynote, Bringing Health Care Back To Rights, National Business Coalition on Health Annual Conference, DC.

9/21/14, Keynote, Leveraging Health 2.0 For Patients and Purchasers, 8th Annual Health 2.0 Conference, San Jose, CA

Keynotes, Regional Business Coalitions on Health, Why Only Employers Can Save US Health Care

  • 8/04/14, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, Pittsburgh.
  • 6/05/14, Mississippi Business Group on Health, Jackson.
  • 5/13/14, South Carolina Business Group on Health, Greenville.
  • 5/07/14, Wichita Business Coalition on Health Care, Wichita.
  • 5/06/14, Health Care 21, Knoxville.
  • 5/01/14Midwest Business Group on Health, Chicago.
  • 4/16/14, Tri-State Health Care Coalition, Quincy, IL

3/14/14, Keynote, What Clinics Will Become, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Orlando.

1/24/14, Keynote, How Care Management Will Change, Florida Geriatric Care Managers’ Conference, St. Petersburg.

1/23/14, Opening Remarks, What Physicians Must Do To Prepare For An Intensifying Marketplace, American College of Cardiology Conference, Orlando.

1/08/14, Leadership Session, What Primary Care Physicians Must Do To Lead Effectively, American Academy of Family Physicians Annual State Chapters’ Conference, New Orleans.

12/3/13, Moderator, Advances in Medical Management, Lown Institute Conference, Boston.

11/14/13, Keynote, Why Only Business Can Save Health Care, Florida Health Care Coalition Conference, Orlando.

11/9/13, Keynote, What It Takes To Manage Full Continuum Health Care Risk, Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, Palm Beach.

10/11/13, Keynote, What Physicians Must Know To Succeed in the New Marketplace, Palm Beach County Medical Society’s Future of Medicine Conference, Palm Beach.

10/3/13, Keynote, How Health Systems Can Change Care and Cost Patterns To Advantage, Voluntary Hospitals of America West’s Bi-Annual Market Strategy Conference, Los Angeles.

9/9/13, Keynote, Market-Based Health Care Solutions For Employers, United Benefit Advisors Conference, Chicago.

8/29/13, Keynote, Seriously Controlling Health Care Costs, Columbus Healthcare Symposium, Columbus, GA

8/21/13, Keynote, Why Only Business Can Fix Health Care, Florida Health Care Coalition Conference, Boca Raton.

7/25/13, Keynote, How Clinics Can Transform Health Care, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Chicago.

6/27/13, Why Business Must and How They Can Mobilize On Health Care, World Congress, Webinar.

6/24/13, Presentation, How Health Care Will Change and What Brokers Must Do, Keynote, National Association of Health Underwriters Conference, Atlanta.

5/1/13, Where Primary Care Is Headed, Harvard Primary Care Group, Webinar.

4/27/13, Keynote, How Health Care Will Change And How You Should Prepare, Florida Woman Care Conference, Orlando.

4/10/13, How Medicare Must Change And What We Can Do To Make Change Occur, Collier County Conference on Aging, Leadership Coalition on Aging of Collier County, Naples.

3/6/13, Keynote, Why Only Non-Health Care Employers Can Save America From Health Care, The Employers Like Me Conference, Georgia Tech, Atlanta. 

2/20/13, Opening Workshop, How To Build An Effective Worksite Clinic, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Orlando.

2/11/13, Keynote, How Market Forces Will Burst Health Care’s Bubble, Dallas Health Care Consortium, Dallas.

1/11/13, Keynote, Why Employers Must Mobilize To Fix Health Care, Associated Industries of Florida, Orlando.

11/08/12, General Session, Why Only Non-Health Care Business Can Save America From the Health Care Industry, The Association of Retail Environments, Phoenix.

10/18/12, Keynote, Why Collaborating on Benefits Is Employers’ Best Health Care Strategy, Alabama Human Resource Management Association, Tuscaloosa.

8/13/12, Keynote, Fixing Advanced Imaging, The Association for Medical Imaging Management, Orlando.

6/20/12, Keynote, Collaborating With Evidence To Change Health Care, Joint meeting of the Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers and the Portland Human Resource Management Association, Portland.

5/29/12, Keynote, How Market Forces Will Transform Health CareFlorida Governor’s Sterling Council Conference, Orlando.

5/10/12, Keynote, Really Changing Health Care and Benefits, Ballard Benefit Works Annual Conference, Howell, MI.

3/17/12, Keynote, How Health Care Captured America’s Regulatory ProcessLeadership Florida Conference, Orlando.

3/15/12, Luncheon Address, Under-Used Health Care Approaches That WorkGeorgia Independent College Association Conference, Callaway Gardens, GA.

3/1/12, Keynote, Really Changing Health CareChamber of Commerce Health Care Council Luncheon, Jacksonville, FL.

2/29/12, Plenary Address, How Primary Care Became the Job Nobody Wanted: The AMA and the RUCNational Medical Home Summit, Philadelphia.

2/21/12, Opening Workshop, Design Elements for an Effective ClinicWorld Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Orlando.

1/24/12, Plenary, How Onsite Clinics Will Transform Health Care, ConvUrgent Care Strategy Symposium, Orlando.

11/04/11, Plenary Panel, The Promise of Alternative Primary Care Delivery Models, Harvard Business School’s Health Care Alumni Conference, Boston.

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