Invited Presentations (Since 2003)

5/13/14, Keynote, Why Coalitions Are America’s Most Important Organizations Right NowAnnual Meeting of the South Carolina Business Group on Health, Greenville.

5/7/14, Keynote, Why Coalitions Are America’s Most Important Organizations Right NowAnnual Meeting of the Wichita Business Group on Health Care, Wichita.

5/6/14, Keynote, Why Coalitions Are America’s Most Important Organizations Right NowAnnual Meeting of Health Care 21, Knoxville.

5/1/14, Keynote, Why Coalitions Are America’s Most Important Organizations Right Now, Annual Meeting of the Midwest Business Group on Health, Chicago.

3/11/14, Keynote, How Clinics Are Changing Health Care, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Orlando

2/19/14, Panelist, What’s In Store for Health Care, Orlando Sentinel Florida Future Series, Orlando.

1/29/14, Presentation, How Clinics Are Changing Health Care, Health Benefits Conference and Expo, Clearwater Beach, FL

1/24/14, Keynote, How Will Geriatric Care Change? Florida Geriatric Case Managers Association, St. Petersburg.

1/24/14, Opening Address, How Cardiology Must Change in an Intensifying Health Care Marketplace, Florida Cardiology Conference, Orlando.

10/11/13, Keynote, What Physicians Must Know To Succeed in the New Marketplace, Palm Beach County Medical Society’s Future of Medicine Conference, Palm Beach.

10/03/13, Keynote, Why Health Systems Should Move Forward From Volume To Value, Voluntary Hospitals of America West Quarterly Conference, Los Angeles.

9/09/13, Keynote, Delivering Value: How Brokers Can Win In The Future, United Benefits Administrators Annual Conference, Chicago.

8/29/13, Keynote, Seriously Controlling Health Care Costs, Columbus Healthcare Symposium, Columbus, GA.

8/21/13, Keynote, Why Only Business Can Fix Health Care, Florida Health Care Coalition Conference, Boca Raton.

7/25/13, Keynote, How Clinics Can Transform Health Care, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Chicago.

6/24/13, Presentation, How Health Care Will Change and What Brokers Must Do, National Association of Health Underwriters Conference, Atlanta.

11/16/12, Keynote, How Non-Health Care Business Can Drive Down Health Cost and Bring American Health Care Back Into Balance, Georgia Tech Employers Like Me Conference, Atlanta.

11/ 08/12, General Session, Why Only Non-Health Care Business Can Save America From the Health Care Industry, The Association of Retail Environments, Phoenix.

10/18/12, Keynote, Why Collaborating Is Employers’ Best Health Care Strategy, Alabama Human Resource Management Association, Tuscaloosa.

8/13/12, Keynote, Why We Need More, Not Less, Advanced Imaging, The Association for Medical Imaging Management, Orlando.

6/20/12, Keynote, Collaborating With Evidence To Change Health Care, Joint Conference of the Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers and the Portland Human Resource Association, Portland.

5/29/12, Keynote, How Market Forces Will Transform Health Care, Florida Governor’s Sterling Council Conference, Orlando.

5/20/12, Presentation, Why Purchasers, Not Vendors, Are IBM’s  Far Larger Health Care Business Opportunity, IBM Health and Life Sciences Summit, White Plains, NY.

5/10/12, Keynote, Really Changing Health Care and Benefits, Ballard Benefit Works Annual Conference, Howell, MI.

3/17/12, Keynote, How Health Care Captured America’s Regulatory Process, Leadership Florida Conference, Orlando.

3/15/12, Luncheon Address, Under-Used Health Care Approaches That Work, Georgia Independent College Association Conference, Callaway Gardens, GA

3/1/12, Keynote, Really Changing Health Care, Chamber of Commerce Health Care Council Luncheon, Jacksonville, FL.

2/29/12, Plenary Address, How Primary Care Became the Job Nobody Wanted: The AMA and the RUC, National Medical Home Summit, Philadelphia.

2/21/12, Opening Workshop, Design Elements for an Effective Clinic, World Congress Onsite Clinic Conference, Orlando.

1/24/12, Plenary, How Onsite Clinics Will Transform Health Care, ConvUrgent Care Strategy Symposium, Orlando.

11/04/11, Plenary Panel, The Promise of Alternative Primary Care Delivery Models, Harvard Business School’s Health Care Alumni Conference, Boston.

5/13/11, Keynote, Why Florida’s Legislature Must Act Decisively on Medicaid, Leadership Florida Health Day, Miami

Presentation, Alabama Council of Association Executives, Montgomery, 4/4/11.

Keynote Panel, World Congress Health and Human Capital Conference, Alexandria.

Presentation, Association for Corporate Growth, What Just Happened With Reform, Jacksonville, 1/27/10.

Presentation, Minnesota School Association, “Why Onsite Clinics are Transformational,” Minneapolis, 1/14/10.

Keynote, “Behind the Health Care Reform Curtain: Studies in Chaos,” Consortium for Southeastern Hypertension Control Annual Scientific Meeting, Kingsport, TN, 10/24/09.

Panel Moderator, “B2B2C Health 2.0 Services the Health Care Industry” (10/6/09) and “B2B Health 2.0 for Health Plans (10/07/09),” Health 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, October 6-7, 2009.

Keynote, “What Policy- and Market-Based Reforms Will Mean For Physicians,” Palm Beach County Medical Society, Jupiter, 10/2/09.

Keynote, “Minimally Invasive Surgeries As A Path To Lower Costs and Higher Quality,” Ethicon Endo-Surgery and the Wisconsin Manufacturers’ Association Webinar on MIP, Milwaukee, 9/29.

Facilitation, “An Employer Collaborative in the Greater Atlanta Area,” The Georgia Governor’s Health Care Summit – Follow-Up Meeting, The Capitol, Atlanta, 9/09/09.

Keynote, “Onsite Clinics: Employers Leveraging Primary Care To Drive Down Cost and Improve Quality,” Paragon Benefits Health Care Symposium, Dalton, GA, 9/08/09.

Presentation,”Why Onsite Clinics Work,” Jacksonville Charter Revision Commission, Jacksonville, FL 8/27/09.

Keynote, “Employers Driving Meaningful Change Through Market Innovation,” Albuquerque Chamber, Albuquerque 7/23/09.

Testimony, “CCHIT’s Apparent Conflict of Interest with HIMSS,” HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s Policy Committee, DC, 7/14/09.

Keynote, “Employers Driving Meaningful Change Through Market Innovation,” Georgia Governor’s Health Care Summit, Atlanta, 7/21/09.

Keynote, “Will We Get Meaningful Health Care Reform?” Stetson Conference on Policy and Health Care, Deland, FL, 6/10/09.

Keynote and Facilitator, Leadership Florida Health Day, University of Miami, Miami, 5/14/09.

Keynote, “How Successful Physicians Will Respond To Market-Driven Reforms,” Medical Group Management Association’s OB/GYN Conference, Orlando, 05/03/09.

Keynote, “How the Market Will Change What You Do, Magnetic Resonance Managers Society, Clearwater, 4/29/09.

Keynotes, “How The Market, Not Policy, Will Drive Meaningful Health Care Reform,” Ethicon Employer Seminars, Atlanta, Seattle, April 2009.

Closing Keynote, World Congress Leadership Forum on Member Retention for Health Plans, March 18-19, Orlando.

Invited Presentation, Holston Medical Group Annual Strategic Retreat, Asheville, 2/28/09.

Facilitator, WorldDoc Conference on Consumer Engagement, Orlando, 2/23/09-2/24/09, Orlando.

Moderator, Health 2.0 Conference, Breakout Demo: Health Plans and Health 2.0; Final Conference Session: LookingAhead – The Business and Society of Health 2.0, San Francisco, 10/22-23/08.

Keynote, “The Emergence of the Medical Home,” Holston Medical Group, Kingsport, TN, 10/10/08.

Keynote, “Market-Based Reforms,” Physician Sales & Service National Vendor CEO Conference, DC, 9/11/08.

Panelist, “The Challenges Facing IDNs,” NCI’s IDN Summit/Expo, Phoenix, 9/3/08.

Keynote, “Rebuilding the Medical Home,” Culinary Fund Health Plan Conference, Las Vegas, 8/26/08.

Keynote, “How Medical Societies Can Prepare for the Tsunami of Change in the Marketplace, American Association of Medical Society Executives, Minneapolis, 7/26/08.

Keynotes, “Why The Market, Not Policy, Will Drive Reform,” Medcom Employer Seminars, Tampa 06/11/08, Atlanta 06/13/08.

Keynote, Vermont Managed Care Annual Health Care Conference, 6/05/08.

Moderator and Keynote, How Health Care Reform Will Come From The Market, Not Policy, The Northeast Florida Health Care Symposium, Jacksonville 05/16/08.

Moderator, Health 2.0, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Conference on Community Linkages, Amelia Island, FL 05/15/08.

Keynote, Acclamation’s LuminX Users’ Conference, Tampa, 4/14/08.

Invited Presentation, The Promise and Peril of Health 2.0, Health Executives Leadership Network, Sarasota, 3/07/08.

Keynote, Center for Primary Care Physicians Retreat, Oconee, GA, 2/29/08.

Web-Conference with Matthew Holt, Health Care Issue Jam, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, DC, 2/5/08.

Keynote, Leadership Jacksonville’s Health Day, 12/06/07.

Luncheon Address, Florida Retail Federation’s Annual Conference, Daytona Beach. 11/12/07.

Keynote, Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Leadership Conference, 10/29/07.

Keynote, MediTech’s 2007 National Physician/CIO Conference, Boston, 10/18/07.

Keynote, Regional Summit, Northeast Florida Regional Health Organization, Jacksonville, 6/1/07.

Facilitator, AmerisourceBergen Hospital Leadership Forum, Ponte Vedra, FL 5/30/07.

Keynote, Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Executives Health Care Conference, Harrisburg, 5/23/07.

Keynote, Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Board Retreat, Parris Island, SC, 5/21/07.

Luncheon Keynote, “Oddball Health Care Programs (That Work),” National Health Innovators Confab, Nashville, 5/10/07.

Facilitator, AmerisourceBergen’s Hospital Leadership Forum, Palm Beach, 2/28/07.

Keynote, Annual Meeting: Toward Transparency and P4P, Palm Beach Medical Society, Palm Beach, 2/22/06.

Video Comment, “Being ProActive With P4P,” NCI Talk Live at the Elsevier Community Oncology Conference, DC, 2/08/07.

Video Comment, “Rationalizing The Supply Chain,” NCI Talk Live at the World Congress Leadership Summit on Supply Chain Management, Orlando, 1/25/07.

Facilitator, Chamber Choice, Employers Taking Back Health Care, Pittsburgh, 1/12/07.

Invited Panelist, COSE, Future of US Healthcare: Scenario Planning Workshop, Cleveland, OH, 11/28-29/06.

Facilitator, Nevada Health Care Coalition’s CEOs Conference, Reno, 10/12/06.

Keynote, Public Policy Institute of Marion County, Disrupting the Drivers of the Health Care Crisis, Ocala, 9/13/06.

Keynote, P4P and Competitiveness, A RHIO for Northeast Pennsylvania, 7/26/06.

Presentations (3), National Patient Safety Congress, San Francisco, 5/9/06-5/10/06

Why Business Must Drive Meaningful Reform

How Pay-for-Performance Will Change Everything in Health Care

Controlling the Costs of Clinical Technologies

Keynote, Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Board Retreat, Hilton Head, SC 3/17/06

Keynote, Vermont Healthcare Symposium, Burlington, 3/8/06.

Keynote, Health Care Administrators Association’s Annual Executive Forum, Las Vegas, 2/9/06.

Keynote, The National Health Benefits Conference/Expo, Clearwater, 1/26/06.

Keynote, Health FairUSA/Edify Annual Employer HC Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, 12/02/05.

Keynote, Florida Employer Associations’ Healthcare Roundtable, Tallahassee, 11/17/05.

Keynote, Florida Retail Federation, St. Petersburg, 11/15/05.

Keynote, Greater Cheyenne Chamber’s Health Care Round Table, Cheyenne WY, 10/24/05

Keynote, Council of State Retail Associations, Savannah, 10/23/05

Chair and Panelist, AHRQ-Florida AHCA Conference on State Public Healthcare Reporting, DC, 9/28/05

Keynote, IUOE Annual Meeting, DC, 8/17/05.

Panel Chair, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, St. Louis, 8/12/05.

Keynote, EOC 2005, Western Regional Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, Whistler, BC, 6/8/05.

Presentation, Leadership Florida, Miami, 3/12/05

Keynote, 2005 Coal Industry Benefits and Compensation Meeting, Sedona, AZ, 5/2/05

Presentation, Detroit Chamber’s Invitational Conference on Health Care Solutions, 4/15/05, Detroit.

Presentation (w/ Patricia Salber MD), AMA Health Care Reform Task Force, Chicago, 4/8/05

Keynote, Hospital and Health System Association of Pennsylvania, Hershey, 4/5/05.

Presentation (w/ P. Salber), California Medical Association’s Executive Committee, 3/24/05

Closing Address, Alliance of Community Health Plans, Naples, FL 3/22/05.

Facilitation, The Health Care Supply Chain Summit, Newport Beach, 3/14/05.

Keynote, The Microsoft Employer Forum on Healthcare, Redmond, WA, 3/9/05

Keynote, The Florida Health Law Institute, Orlando, 2/17/05.

Keynote,” The Florida Chamber Foundation, Tallahassee, 2/8/05.

Presentation, Florida’s Comprehensive Healthcare Information System Task Force, Orlando, 1/28/05.

Keynote, World Research Group’s Meeting on Diabetes Disease Management, Atlanta, 1/20/05.

Keynote, The Estes Park Institute, Scottsdale, 1/17/05.

Opening Keynote, The Unified Health Alliance Conference on Health Care Reform, DC, 1/10/05.

Opening Keynote, The American Academy of Family Physicians/Center for Practical Health Reform Conference Medical Society Convention, Chicago, 11/1/04.

Panel Moderator, NCI’s IDN Summit and Expo, “The Miracle of New Technologies and Innovations: How Do We Bear The Costs,” Phoenix, 10/4/04.

Opening Keynote, The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s Annual CFO Retreat, Orlando, 9/23/04.

Opening Keynote, Endowment for Health Strategic Conference, Concord, NH, 9/22/04.

Keynote, Calfornia Health Care Foundation Leadership Seminar, San Diego, 9/8/04.

Opening Keynote, Florida Nursing Association Policy Conference, St. Petersburg, 8/14/04.

Opening Keynote, Bank of America CFO Retreat, Idaho Falls, 8/6/04.

Keynote, The Universitiy of Central Florida ORBIT Conference on Health Care & Defense IT, 7/20/04, Orlando.

Keynote, Employee Benefits Leadership Forum of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB), Greenbriar, WV, 6/2/04

Keynote, Senior Executives Retreat of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Pine Mountain, NC,5/13/04.

Presentation, Board of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Kansas City, 4/27/04.

Keynote, Naples (FL) Community Health Round Table, 4/20/04.

Presentation, Coalition for Policy Reform in Health Care, Ft. Myers, 4/19/04.

Keynote, Board Retreat, AvMed Health Plan, Amelia Island Plantation, FL, 3/28/04.

Opening Keynote, Milliman USA Biennial Healthcare Summit, Las Vegas, 3/14/04.

Keynote, Hudson Instittue Project Health Symposium, Indianapolis, 3/11/04.

Keynote, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Focus on the Uninsured, Jacksonville, 2/23/04.

Keynote, Quantum Foundation Conference, The Consequences of No Health Insurance, Palm Beach, 2/10/04

Chair, “National Health Care Influencers’ Assembly,” World Health Care Congress, DC, 1/27/04.

Keynote, Florida Chamber Board of Governors, Captiva, FL 11/14/03.

Keynote, Kansas City Health Care RoundTable, 11/11/03.

Keynote, Florida House Select Panel on Affordable Health Care, Pensacola, 11/6/03.

Keynote, The American Council of Chamber Executives Meeting, Charlotte, 10/29/04.

Keynote, Society of Actuaries Annual Meeting, Orlando, 10/28/03.

Keynote, Greater Charlotte Health Care Executives Group, Charlotte, 9/25/03.

Keynote, The Florida Health Insurance Legislative Symposium, Coral Gables, 9/22/03.

Keynote, BCBS Florida Annual National Consultants Forum, Orlando, 4/3/03.

Keynote, US Employers Summit on Health Care, Crystal City, VA, 3/28/03.

Invited Presentation, Broward County Medical Society Annual Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, 3/26/03.

Keynote, Annual Meeting, BCBS Consortium Health Plans, Charleston, 3/21/03.

Keynote, Annual Meeting, Alliance of American Insurers, Tampa, 2/20/03.

Keynote, Askew Institute Annual Meeting, University of Florida Institute of Government, Gainesville, 2/13/03.

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