My writing is directed to decision makers. I try to educate, stimulate thought and precipitate change. The venues listed here include mainstream media, juried health care industry publications and expert health care blogs. (Approximately 50 articles prior to 2002 are not listed.)


Physicians, Health Systems and the Drive for Market Dominance, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 5/23/13.

Using Strong Carrots and Sticks To Drive Health Care That Works, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 5/09/13.

How Physician Practices Can Prepare for a Health Care Marketplace, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 4/21/13.

Seriously Testing the ACO Waters, Accountable Care News, 4/11/13.

When Employers Get Serious About Managing Health Care Risk, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 4/7/13.

Why Only Business Can Save America From Health Care, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 3/24/13.

The Reality of Health Care Cost, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 3/22/13.

Why EHRs Really Haven’t Made Us Healthier: A Response To Glen Tullman, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 3/18/13.

A Broader Approach To Managing Health Care Risk, Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog, 3/15/13.

The RUC, Health Care Finance’s Star Chamber, Remains Untouchable, Health Affairs Blog, 2/1/13.

Them, Not Us, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 1/7/13.


An Archipelago of Heath Information Islands, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 12/27/12.

Putting Physician Practices Into Context, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 12/11/12.

Following The Money, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 12/6/12.

How Primary Care Became the Job Nobody Wanted (And How to Fix It), Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 11/23/12.

Arriving at the Beginning: A Reflection on the Election and the Health Care Reform Law, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 11/13/12.

Irresistible Forces, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 10/29/12.

Walmart Moves Health Care Forward Again, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 10/12/12.

Strengthening Primary Care With A New Professional Society, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 10/1/12.

The Wrong Battles, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 9/20/12

Primary Care’s Dilemma, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 9/12/12.

Demanding More From Medical Homes, Medical Home News, 9/04/12.

Who Will Speak For Physicians and Their Patients, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 8/30/12.

Will the Bubble Burst?, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 8/19/12.

Business Leaders Have A Chance To Step Up and Fix Health Care, with Tom Emerick, Workforce Management, 8/13/12

The Most Powerful Health Care Group You’ve Never Heard Of, with Paul Fischer MD, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 8/06/12.

Will Medical Management Re-Emerge? Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 7/31/12.

Is Genomic Medicine Clinically Useful Yet?, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 7/16/12.

Will Anyone Listen When Former CMS Chiefs Call For More Objective Physician Payment? Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 7/7/12.

The Game’s Not Over, and It May Not Even Be the Real Game, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 6/29/12.

Galvanizing Primary Care’s Power: A Call For A New Society, Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost Blog, 6/25/12.

Medicare Physician Payment: A Hollow Victory for the RUC, The Health Affairs Blog, 5/18/12.

The RUC’s Empty Gesture, Medscape, 5/11/12.

Moving Beyond Merchant Health Care, MedPage Today, 4/05/12.

Should Family Physicians Leave the RUC, KevinMD, 3/31/12

An Overdose of Influence, with Shannon Brownlee, New York Daily News, 3/29/12.

Adding Seats: The RUC’s Sleight of Hand, with Paul M. Fischer MD, The Health Affairs Blog, 3/14/12.

Call to Action: Why the AMA’s RUC Should be Changed or Replaced, Medical Home News, 3/01/12.

Response To RUC Chair Barbara Levy’s Comment on the Health Affairs Blog, Care & Cost, 2/09/12.

USA, Inc., Care & Cost, 2/04/12

Trusting Government: A Tale of Two Federal Advisory Groups, with David C. Kibbe MD, The Health Affairs Blog, 2/2/12.

Can Medical Management Succeed Within A Fee-For-Service Environment?, Care & Cost, 1/30/12.

Why Only Non-Health Care Business Can Save America From The Health Care Industry, Care & Cost, 1/27/12.

Tracking the RUC Lawsuit, Care & Cost, 1/20/12.

The National Nurse Act of 2011, Care & Cost, 1/11/12.


A Litmus Test for Elected Officials, Florida Times-Union, with David Kibbe, 11/26/11.

Young Doctors Swimming Upstream, Care & Cost, 11/13/11.

CMS’ Opportunity: A Lawsuit Offers the Chance to Reform Physician Payment, Health Affairs Blog, with David Kibbe, 10/25/11.

One Reason for High Medical Costs, Florida Times-Union, with David Kibbe, 9/29/11.

Primary Care in Revolt, Care & Cost, 9/09/12.

A Legal Challenge to CMS’ Reliance on the RUC, Health Affairs Blog, with Paul Fischer and Kathleen Behan, 8/09/11.

Rethinking the Value of Medical Services, Health Affairs Blog, with David Kibbe, 8/01/11.

Why It’s Okay That EHR Adoption Will Fall Behind 2011 Goals, Kaiser Health News, with David Kibbe,  7/07/11.

A “Physician Fallow” Program to Improve Quality, Safety and Cost, Health Affairs Blog, with David C. Kibbe, 6/22/12.

Putting the Shands Issue in Focus, Florida Times-Union, 6/15/11.

Stifling Primary Care: Why Does CMS Continue To Support the RUC?, Health Affairs Blog, with Paul Fischer and Kathleen Behan, 5/24/11.

Can We Fix America’s Health Care Reimbursement System, Kaiser Health News, 3/03/11.

The Politics of Scarcity, Kaiser Health News, 2/11/11 (with Larry Arrington)

Quit the RUC, Kaiser Health News, 1/20/11 (with David C. Kibbe)

The Obama Team’s Success in Health IT, Health Affairs Blog (with David C. Kibbe), 1/13/11.

Five Inevitable Trends That Will Change Physician Practices, iPractice, 1/12/11.

Why The Holocaust Exhibition Should Be Part of Everyone’s Experience, Florida Times-Union, 1/10/11

Deadly Medicine: See Thought-Provoking Exhibit, Florida Times-Union, 1/07/11.


Will Social Networks Become a Foundation of Effective Health Systems?, 12/20/10

Clinics As Health Care’s Transformational Engines, Medical Home News, 12/10.

Clinics as Health Care’s Transformational Engines, 12/9/10.

Toward a Healthier America, 12/1/10.

Book Review: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, 12/05/10.

If Employers Walked Away from Health Coverage, Kaiser Health News, 11/24/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

Keeping An Eye on the Health Care Prize, Kaiser Health News, 9/20/10.

Florida Medical Association is Off-Based Fighting Reform, Florida Times-Union, Tampa Tribune, August 2010.

Why the FMA is Off-Base on Reform, 8/19/10.

The Makings of a Great Outcome, 5/4/10.

Clinical Groupware – Platforms, Not Software 4/24/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

Are We Adequately Securing Personal Health Information, 4/04/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

Value Trumps Price in Onsite Clinics, American City Business Journals, 4/2/10

Really Managing Care and Cost, 3/22/10

Vote Yes, 3/20/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

The Surprise, 3/15/10.

Why Rush Vendor Certification of EHR Technologies, 3/06/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

After the Failure of Reform, 3/01/10 (with David C. Kibbe).

Thirteen Questions for Onsite Clinic Vendors, Workforce Management, 2/27/10.

A Special Edition of Health Wonk Review – American Health Care Reform:

The Silver Lining, 1/2010 (with David C. Kibbe).

EHRs for a Small Planet, 1/09/10 (with David C. Kibbe MD).

Observations from Health Care Analysts, 1/07/10.


2009: A Year of Surprises and Change for the EHR Technology Market, 12/06/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

The Health Internet vs. the NHIN: A Matter of Cost, Control and Timing, 11/19/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

Will Business Force Reform Back to the Drawing Board, 11/13/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

Saving Health Care, Saving America, 10/30/09 (with David Kibbe, Robert Laszewski and Alain Enthoven)

A Message For America’s Physicians: Purchasing EHR Technologies a Shakey State of Affairs, 10/28/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

Why Standards Matter 2: Health IT Enters a New Era of Regulatory Control, 10/14/09, (with David Kibbe MD)

CDHPs and HSAs Can Health Care: Con – The Cost Can Make You Sick. The Debate Room in Business Week, 9/09/09

Will Republicans Be Spoilers or Problem-Solvers on Health Care Reform’s Deeper Problems, 8/27/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

Use Waste in the Health Care System To Increase Access for the Uninsured, Florida Times-Union, 8/25/09.

Why Standards Matter (1): The True Meaning of Interoperability, 8/17/09 (with David Kibbe MD)

Behind the Curtain: Wendell Potter on the Health Industry’s Management of Care and Reform, 7/10/09.

Why Congress Should Consider Bob Laszewski’s Health Care Affordability Model, 7/9/09.

A Dream of Reason, 6/22/09

Carrots and Sticks Shape Healthier Employees, Save Money, American City Business Journals, 6/19/09.

The Health Industry’s Achilles Heel, 6/10/09

Bringing Patients into the Discussion About Meaningful Use, 5/21/09. (with David Kibbe MD).

Minimally invasive surgeries offer cost and time savings for employers, American City Business Journals, 5/15/09.

An Open Letter (3) to the New National Coordinator for Health IT: Certification as the

Elephant in Health IT’s Living Room, 5/6/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

An Open Letter (2) to the New National Coordinator for Health IT: Opening the Aperture of Innovation, 4/22/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

An Open Letter to the New National Coordinator for Health IT (1): Untying HITECH’s Gordian Knot, 4/16/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy: The Continuity of Care Record Gains Ground As A Standard, 4/10/09

Don’t Like the Bill? Tell the Health Industry to Change, Workplace Health, American City Business Journals, 4/10/09.

Will CIGNA Remake the Health Plan Marketplace? 3/30/09.

It’s Time to Empower Employers on Health Care, Workplace Health, American City Business Journals, 3/13/09.

Is the Health Care Economy Rightsizing? 3/11/09.

Five Recommendations For An ONC Head Who Understands Health IT Innovation, 3/06/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

The AMA Wins A Round Against Accountability and Patient Information, 2/06/09

Five Shovel-Ready Health Care Reforms, 1/20/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

Welcome to Health Wonk Review, 1/09/09.

Let’s Reboot America’s Health IT Conversation 2: Beyond EHRs, 1/6/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

Let’s Reboot America’s Health IT Conversation 1: Putting EHRs in Context, 1/5/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)


Will America’s CEOs Take Obesity Seriously, American City Business Journals, 12/19/08.

An Open Letter to the Obama Health Team, 12/15/08, (with David Kibbe, MD)

Worksite Clinics Help Employers Take Control of Health Care, American City Business Journals, (Jacksonville, Phoenix, Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Tampa Bay, Houston, Denver, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Austin, DC, New Mexico, Dallas, St. Louis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Puget Sound, Cincinnati, East Bay, Triad, Portland, Dayton, Nashville, Kansas City) November 2008.

Small Business Coverage: A Report from the Trenches, 11/25/08.

America’s CEOs Set Priorities for Obama Administration, 11/21/08.

Two Mea Culpas, 11/19/08.

The Changes We Need, 11/18/08.

What Is Walgreens Thinking! CDHC Solutions, October 2008.

Can Health Plans Explain Why They Aren’t Re-Empowering Primary Care?, 10/30/08.

An Impending Hanging: Will Health 2.0 Be Compromised by the Economic Downturn, 10/21/08.

Health Care and The Broader Economic Crisis, 10/02/08

Teens Need Information, Letter to the Florida Times-Union, 10/02/08.

Will Primary Care Be Re-Empowered By An Ailing Economy? with Richard Reece MD,HealthLeaders, 09/30/08.

Chastened and More Sober, Harry and Louise Return, 8/21/08

From Description to Action: The Future of Health 2.0 Tools , 7/28/08

Health Systems’ Ferocious Challenges, 7/22/08

Is Meaningful Health Care (Or Any Other Kind Of) Reform Possible, 7/17/08

A Broad Vision of Health 2.0: Reformulating Data for Transparency, Decision Support, and Revitalized Health Care Markets, Health Care And Informatics Review Online: Web 2.0: next-generation web applications in health care, 7/09/08.

Using Credit Scoring To Manage Hospital Bad Debt, HealthLeaders, 6/08.

More on Physician Reimbursement, CMS, and the AMA’s RVS Update Committee, with Roy Poses MD, 5/08/08

A Hat Tip to Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock, 5/2/08

The State of Employer-Sponsored Coverage, 4/29/08

An Open Response To HHS Secretary Leavitt on Medicare Physician Data Transparency, with Michael Millenson, 4/22/08

The Security of Patient Data, 4/08/08

Knowledge Like Clear Water: Muir Gray on Health Care’s Progress, 4/07/08

Health Wonk Review, 4/03/08

On Corporate Health Care: A Response to Brian Klepper and His Reply, 3/31/08

Rebuilding the Medical Home: What Walgreens Surely Sees, 3/28/08

Rebuilding the Medical Home: What Walgreens Surely Sees, The New York Times Health Around The Web, 3/27/08.

Loving Our Children, 3/14/08

The Myth of Health Care Consumerism, 3/13/08

Medical Care is Changing Rapidly, The Florida Times-Union, 3/10/08.

Health Care and the Gathering Storm, 2/29/08

What is HHS’ Real Position on Releasing Medicare Physician Data? 2/08/08

Plumpy’nut, 1/30/08

Families USA Health Action 2008: An Alternative Plan, 1/28/08

Families USA Health Action 2008: Berwick on Everything Health Care, 1/28/08

Families USA Health Action 2008: Anthony Fauci MD on Global Health, 1/28/08

Families USA Health Action 2008: Tom Daschle on Health Care Reform, 1/28/08

Families USA Health Action 2008: Nancy Pelosi’s Health Care Address, 1/24/08

The Cost of Diabetes, 1/24/08

Four Big Trends, New York Times Health Around The Web, 1/16/08.

Four Big Trends, 1/15/08

A Clear, Steady Song, 1/12/08

Leveraging The Doctor As A Trusted Authority, 1/09/08

On Practical Reforms, 1/08/08

How TPAs Can Win By Taking The Lead On Transparency, The Self-Insurer, 1/08.

Jack La Lanne, 1/06/08

On Medical Miracles, 1/04/08

The Politics of Publicly Funded Health Care, 1/03/08

An Eater’s Manifesto: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” 1/02/08


Health Care Quote of the Year, 12/21/07

Business As Usual: California’s Reform Proposal, 12/20/07

Shannon Brownlee’s Overtreated, 12/19/07

Policy- vs. Market-based Reforms: RHIOs As A Case Study, 12/17/07

Bad Medicine: How The AMA Undermined Primary Care in America, 12/13/07

If Grady Fails, 11/28/07

Why Consumers’ Checkbook v. CMS is a Sideshow, 10/30/08

Aspen Report 3 – Removing The Blinders: Dr. Kelman’s Wonderful Contribution, 10/18/07

We Are What We Eat: Where Is America’s Leadership, 10/17/07

What Obesity Really Costs, 10/16/07

Aspen Report 2 – Healing Unbound: The Promised of Advancing Computational Power, 10/15/07

Health 2.0 and the Promise of Market-Based Reform, 10/15/07

Aspen Report 1 – A Rage To Know: A Few Days at the Aspen Health Forum, 10/14/07

A Broad Vision of Health 2.0: Reformulating Data for Transparency, Decision Support and Revitalized Health Markets, with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, 10/12/07

Bogle on the Financial Sector’s Threat to Democracy, 10/3/07

The Hot Seat: UAW and GM, 10/3/07

Goldsmith’s Wisdom, 10/1/07

A Red Tide Bloom, 9/30/07

Welcome to Health 2.0, 9/20/07

Health Care Is A Hairball and Other Learnings from Health 2.0, with Pat Salber, 9/20/07

How Might Information Technology Actually Change Health Care, 9/19/07

What About Health Plan Transparency, 9/16/07

Taking Obesity Seriously, 9/12/07

Could America Reap International Good Will By Ramping Up its Health Diplomacy Efforts? 9/12/07

Welcome to Health Wonk Review, 9/6/07

Reform’s Tougher Problem, 8/29/07

Confessions of a Walking Fool, 8/28/07.

Health Care’s Tougher Problem, 8/27/07.

Another Step Toward Transparency, 8/27/07.

What Are They Thinking: ONCHIT and RTI, 8/24/07.

Evaluating The Quality of Quality Improvement Claims: The Population Health Impact Institute, 8/24/07.

Benign Neglect and the Nursing Shortage, 8/21/07.

Not Paying for Preventable Errors: A Big Step, 8/20/07.

Five Things Everyone With Diabetes Should Know, 8/20/07.

OMNI: The Oncology Metrics National Index, 8/20/07.

Essential Reading: Laszewski on Rove and Medicare D, 8/17/07.

Can We Talk, Frankly?, 8/17/07.

Consultants to Hospitals: Prepare for Transparency, 8/16/07.

In McDonalds vs. Kids, Guess Who’s Ahead, 8/16/07.

The Father of Physical Culture, 8/16/07.

Managed Care Redux, 8/15/07.

It Dawned on the New York Times Too, 8/14/07.

Brokers: Why They Feel Their Commissions Are Justified, 8/14/07.

Brokers: A Price Above Rubies, 8/13/07.

Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine: Transparency and Health Care Power Shifts, 8/9/07.

Reader’s and Author’s Responses to ‘When Care Is Financially Conflicted, Medscape, 8/03/07.

We Must Be Stupid, Stupid, Stupid: Mega Life and Health, 8/1/07.

Don’t Invite Anyone From Health Care, 7/29/07.

Mr. Bush’s Health Care Reform Proposal, 7/25/07.

Crabby Doctors and the Explosion of Big Practices, 7/22/07.

Should We Have Health Care Performance Transparency? By Whom? And How? 7/19/07.

To An Engaged Life, 7/18/07.

To Fix Health Care, Fix America First, 7/16/07.

Those Crazy Californians: This Time Its Childhood Obesity, 7/14/07.

Management Case Study: Virginia Mason, 7/14/07.

Crimes and Punishments: Zheng and Crawford, 7/12/07.

Why Its Unlikely That We’ll Curb Obesity and Diabetes, 7/10/07.

Mr. Orszag’s Surprise, 7/6/07.

Heartened, 7/5/07.

Health Care’s Tower of Babel, Florida Times-Union, 7/1/07.

Are Drug Rebates Good For Oncology, Community Oncology, 6/2007.

RHIOs: Translators in Health Care Babel, 6/24/07.

The Cognitive Dissonance of Conflicted Care, 6/15/07.

Building Great Health Care In Northeast Florida, Jax Business Journal, 5/18/07.

Health Care In A New Light: Disrupting the Drivers of the Health Care Crisis, Chapter in Richard Reece MD,Innovation-Driven Health Care, 4/07.

Breakfast of Champions: A Response To Nobelist Daniel McFadden’s Wall Street Journal Article on Health Care Dynamics, 3/3/07.

Can Consumerism Save Health Care, 2/27/06.

RHIOs Allow Exchange of Electronic Info, Cancer Care and Economics, 2/07/07.

Medicare’s Drug Plan: Huge Price Disparities for Common Cancer Drugs, with David Pauker, Community Oncology, 1/07.


Running on Empty: Health Care As A Driver of the Economy, with Alain Enthoven,, 11/07/06.

Sinking Health Care Ship Could Bring Down the Economy, Cancer Care & Economics, 11/06.

Sobering Facts: How Business Can Fix US Health Care, SmartBusiness Pittsburgh, 12/06.

The Convergence of Oncology and Imaging: An Interview with Brian Baker, Community Oncology, 10/06.

Insurance Coverage for Rare Cancers: The Carrier’s Perspective, Community Oncology, September 2006.

Shortcut to Better Health Care in Northeast Florida, Florida Times-Union, 7/24/06

Prove that Community Oncologists Put Patients Before Profits, Community Oncology, 7/06.

Author’s Reply to Readers’ Responses To ‘Where Is Physician Leadership on Reform, Medscape General Medicine, 6/22/06.

Discriminating Against the Little Guy, in Community Oncology Washington Update, 6/06.

A New Focus On Accountability: An Interview with Dr. Jerry Reeves, Community Oncology, 05/06.

Where Is Physician Leadership on Healthcare? Medscape General Medicine, 3/23/06.

Facing The Big Picture Problems in Health Care: An Interview with Brian Klepper, Community Oncology, March, 2006.

Healthcare Crisis for Business, Charlotte Observer, 3/3/06,

Can Consumerism Save Healthcare? The Health Care Blog, 2/27/06, Marketplace.MD Blog, 3/1/06,; American City Business Journals, 3/03/06.

Emergency Care Needs Life Support, American City Business Journals, 2/10/06,

Why Should Legislators Pick On Wal-Mart, American City Business Journals, 1/20/06.


Health Knowledge is Power, Op-Ed in newspapers throughout Florida, 11/21/05-12/30/05.

Business’ Dilemma, White Paper for the Florida Retail Federation, 11/17/05.

A Business Case for Healthcare Reform, with Patricia Salber, Modern Healthcare, 10/10/05.

Where is that Tipping Point, 8/09/05

Opening Interview, Richard Reece MD, Voices of Practical Health Reform, 6/05.

Boards Leading the Future: A Leadership Perspective on Healthcare Reform, Boardroom Press, 16:3, 6/05, The Governance Institute.

Klepper on Porter, 3/20/05


The Path From Instability, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and other papers, 2/12/04,

“Leveraging Market Instability,” HealthLeaders, 2/16/04.

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“Finding Common Ground,” Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Health Issues Website, 2/21/02.


“On The Horns Of A Dilemma,” Modern Healthcare, with C. Smithers, 2/11/98.

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