As always and as expected, you presented with passion and knowledge. You provoked thought and inspired the creative parts of our brains.

Will Montoya
Montoya Benefits
Ponte Vedra Beach,FL

Good speakers don’t lecture. They talk with their audiences the same way they’d tell something to a friend. They use fact, not philosophy, to make specific points within a larger argument that is clear and meaningful. And they’re energetically entertaining.

I give a LOT of national talks. (See my resume section for a partial listing.) My goal when presenting to audiences is to provoke, yes, but most importantly, to take them on an intellectual ride, weaving fact, knowledge and reason about health care dynamics together in ways that leads them inescapably to the same conclusions that I have reached. I work very hard to make my presentations fly, and audiences continually tell me that it was a very quick and provocative hour that provided food for thought long afterward.

I started speaking publicly early in my career, mostly to explain basic market dynamics. My speaking schedule ramped up during the years when I was leading the Center for Practical Health Reform – Reform is a hot topic for audiences of all types – but now I’m busier than ever.

I continually refine my message based on market dynamics and my own experience. People who follow my articles and blog posts find that the themes in my speeches are on-point with my writings, but an hour-long presentation provides a lot more latitude to bring together often seemingly disparate pieces of information that are really part of a larger picture. Now, the core of my talk goes something like this:

There are very real policy- and market-based reforms that are now gaining traction. These will converge to drive enormous amounts of waste out of the system, and dramatically improve quality. They include:

– Why Only Non-Health Care Business Can Save America From the Health Care Industry

– How the AMA’s RVS Update Committee Caused America’s Health Care Cost Crisis

– Policy Provisions of PPACA

– Why Employer-Based Clinics Can Transform American Health Care

– The Medical Home

– Underused Medical Management Approach That Save Dollars and Improve Quality

I receive invitations from health care and business groups of all types, and my message is adapted to each group’s sensibilities, perspectives and interests. Each presentation concludes with recommendation for concrete actions I believe are called for by the dynamics to continue to succeed in the marketplace.

In general, I charge for-profit organizations more and not-for-profit organizations less. My rates are reasonable for the value I provide. I consistently get very high evaluations and reviews. Here are some testimonials.

Please contact me at 904.343.2921, bklepper@gmail.com to talk about a presentation to your group.

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