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Cancer Survivor on N-of-One’s Direct-to-Patient Ombudsman Model

Kevin Davies Posted 5/31/12 on Bio-IT World The long-term success of N-of-One, a Waltham Mass.-based company offering personalized cancer information, will undoubtedly be shaped by the vision of its newly appointed CEO, Christine Cournoyer, and strategic partnerships with companies like Foundation Medicine, … Continue reading

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Four Perfect Questions

Elaine Waples Posted 4/07/12 on Care & Cost In the fall of 2010, Atul Gawande, surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, delivered a touching speech at the October New Yorker … Continue reading

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Marcus Welby, House and the Wizard of Oz

Elaine Waples At a recent dinner party my husband and I joined two other couples in a lively discussion on the frustrations of American health care. We rounded up the usual suspects – cost, quality, access, politics, and broken systems. … Continue reading

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Is My Cancer in the Wrong Body Part

Elaine Waples Recently, our city hosted the fifth annual national marathon to fight breast cancer.  This is not part of the Komen “race for the cure” but rather a grassroots effort that mushroomed from its inception five years ago into … Continue reading

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