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When Employers Collaborate To Manage Health Care Costs

Brian Klepper Published 12/09/12 in the Eau Claire, WI Leader-Telegram Note from Brian: This piece appeared last weekend in the Eau Claire, WI newspaper, and was written with the encouragement of employers in that community who, rightly, believe they’ve been raked over the … Continue reading

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How Primary Care Became The Job Nobody Wanted (And How To Fix It)

Brian Klepper Posted 11/21/12 on Medscape Connect’s Care & Cost Blog Here a link on SlideServe to my plenary presentation on CMS’ relationship with the AMA’s Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC), and how/why it has undermined American primary care. I delivered this … Continue reading

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Can Medical Management Succeed Within A Fee-For-Service Environment?

Brian Klepper The column immediately below is an important discussion by Douglas Elmendorf, the Director of the CBO – actually it was prepared by Lyle Nelson of CBO’s Health and Human Services Division, but it has Mr. Elmendorf’s imprimatur – … Continue reading

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