You gave the best address we have had in a decade.

Judy Hand 
President,  Alabama Society of Human Resources

You were excellent this weekend and I am bombarded with accolades about you.

Jerry Miller, MD 
CEO, Holston Medical Group, Kingsport, TN

I have seen these comparisons before by other speakers but it never hit home quite so elegantly. Thank you again for a great presentation and super message that keeps on living.

James Langley MD, MS 
Chief Medical Information Officer, Methodist Health System, Dallas

Years ago, Brian Klepper foresaw that American health care was headed over a financial cliff. He fervently believes that private sector reform consensus will lead to a just, effective and safe health system, preserving the best features of American health care, and serving the common good.

Richard Reece MD 
Author of Voices of Health Reform (from the dedication)

This was extremely fascinating-medicine definitely needs to hear, see, understand its role in health care transformation. Taking that role will be interesting to observe. 

Audience Member 
American Association of Medical Societies Executives 

Dr. Klepper was right on!! I belong to two national groups that wrestle with the dire [health care reform] issues discussed today but I have never heard a more succinct presentation of realistic analyses and recommendations than Dr. Klepper’s presentation. 

James Howell, MD 
Former Medical Director, State of Florida

We’ve heard nothing but wonderful comments about your presentation. You have a great gift to make people think in new directions.

James Squires, MD 
Executive Director, Endowment for Health, New Hampshire

Brian Klepper is a different kind of doctor, true, but one who knows the health care industry inside and out.

Patricia R. Salber MD, MBA 
CMO and SVP, Universal American Corp, Houston

To have a credible person tie things together in an organized way is beyond measure. The connections you make between seemingly disparate efforts and industries help cast a new perspective on the issues.

Karen Farrell 

Our attendees found your presentation entertaining, clear and compelling. It set the tone for and energized the meeting’s health care discussions, and was referred to again and again.

Mick Fleming 
Executive Director, American Council of Chamber Executives, DC 

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